Saturday, 11 April 2009

Open for Guests as Usual!

Dear prospective visitors,
The borders, railways, ports and airports of Georgia are all open.  The road all the way to Ushguli via Zugdidi and Mestia is open too, as usual.  For the adventurous and independent, there are daily marshroutka (public minivan) departures from Tbilisi's main railway station to Mestia leaving at about 0630 and arriving at about 1800, as well as overnight trains to Zugdidi and morning marshroutkas from there to Mestia.  Ushguli-Mestia-Ushguli is now served by its own marshroutka running at least once a week - please call us for departures, +995 (8)99 912256, preferably in Georgian or Russian.  Or you could just come the easy way, by booking a tour through the operators listed in our links list.  In any case, we would be delighted to see you at any time!